Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One for Primalzine

We here at wish to extend an invitation for writers and artist to submit their work for review. We are looking for fiction, poetry, and artwork full of pain, suffering, angst, sturm und drang, and despair. We are looking for portraits and stories featuring characters who are a step or two away from finding a rope and a dark, dingy place from where they can hang themselves.

How's that for cheerful reading?

Well, it can be cheerful. It definitely doesn't have to be depressing. We'll appreciate life-affirming, even funny material. So send us something funny, because the roots of comedy are often found in the depths of pain and despair.

What can be called trauma? Well, trauma can be anything from getting yourself shot to getting dumped by a lover. If you think about it, most art comes from some sort of trauma. We believe that trauma is the first and foremost element--the primal element--in quality fiction and art.

So check out for submission guidelines, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I saw your listing in Duotrope's Digest and it has piqued my interest because one of my main scholarly interests is trauma theory (in short, looking at literature that seems directly rooted in personal or cultural trauma, especially the latter). Anyway, best of luck with your new endeavor (I'll be sure to mention you in my blog titled "Pathfinding," which is devoted to helping new writers find outlets for the work.) Have a great 2011, which for you I guess means one laced with trauma ... ?